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Rested Field is a Boston-based experimental ensemble, invested in exploring alternative modes that integrate both deterministic and improvisatory strategies. Taking their name from agricultural allegory, Rested Field fosters interdisciplinary action, striving to cultivate meeting-places for the creative practices of its collaborators and participants. Roots in common-era and contemporary concert music, improvisational traditions, and experimental practices inform a democratic process. This emphasis on inclusivity of means and aesthetics finds the use of text and graphic systems on equal footing, all used with the intent of presenting their music as a physical experience, tying it to a time and place. Formed in 2015, Rested Field has performed across the greater Boston area, having been featured on the stages of ESS OSCILLATIONS 2016 festival (Chicago IL), Equilibrium Concert Series, Gallery 263, The Green Room, Nave Music Series, Opensound, and Third Life Studio. The core of Rested Field is Chuck Furlong (clarinets, electronics), Clifton Ingram (guitars, electronics), and Daniel T Lewis (percussion, electronics).