House of the Ax

A long duration work (3 hours).

Disguised as an abandoned family apartment (dim and eerily lit), this "human installation" relies on a cooperative effort between audience and performer to co-write a language of movement and sound. The intent is to investigate how seeing and being seen affect us as individuals, especially relevant in the digital age where visibility, performativity, and vulnerability are shifting the boundaries between public and private spaces.

The title of the project is a reference to the ancient labyrinth at Knossos by way of a chapter from Samuel R. Delany’s cult-classic novel Dhalgren

Crop Rotation

A set-length work (approx. 30-40").

A musical narrative that weaves together group-improv strategies & solo compositions, each written by an ensemble member for another, where the ensemble's accompaniment provides an environment for the soloist.  However, Crop Rotation does not strive to do away with authorship; instead it aims to underline a multifaceted democracy of sounds, a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Premiered @ Experimental Sound Studio's OSCILLATIONS 2016 festival | November 2015




Musical activity that starts as text.

Speaking is the focal point from which any instrumental action flows. Disparate narratives that combine to create a polyphony of texts (polytextuality), cohered by sounds.

Premiered @ Opensound series | April 2017




Pop music, Rested-Field style.

Songs: covers, arrangements, originals, deconstructions.

Premiered @ Chimera New Music | January 2017